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In winter, your skin needs extra care. Use professional ANUBIS products!

In the cold season, our skin needs extra care to be able to cope with the lower and lower temperatures. The main aesthetic problem that most women face, especially in winter, remains very dry skin, which creates a feeling of discomfort, especially if it is accompanied by itching or irritation.


At this time of year it is important to ensure our skin a much more intense hydration, insisting on areas that almost every day, are exposed to cold and harmful factors in the atmosphere. The skin and hands remain the most sensitive parts of the body, so take care of them properly using professional cosmetics products. Here are the cosmetics that promise to ensure a velvety and healthy skin throughout the winter:


Face Cream For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin requires special care, especially in the cold season. Sensitive Zul moisturizing face cream from Anubis soothes and decongests extremely dry skin, prone to irritation, due to its rich content in chamomile extract. Ingredients that urge you to include Sensitive Zul cream from Anubis in your beauty ritual include lactic acid, which provides protection against external agents, hydrolyzed collagen with moisturizing effect, bisabol and its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as others. compounds that regulate the level of hydration: amino acids and carbohydrates.


Eye Cream

The most sensitive part of the face remains the area around the eyes. Prone to the early appearance of expression wrinkles being also affected by dark circles due to blood circulation problems. Anubis Eye Contour Moisturizer does not contain parables has a draining. And revitalizing effect ensures intense hydration and protects the skin against free radicals. Contains Shea butter rose hip extract to improve blood circulation, caffeine, Elastin peptides And collagen, which strengthens connective tissue and gives the skin extra softness and elasticity from cosmetic products. In addition the moisturizer for the eye contour from Anubis is quickly absorbed. And does not load the skin having a light texture. The product is recommended to prevent the signs of aging.


Face Mask For Soothing And Cleansing

Especially in the cold season do not neglect. The application of a revitalizing mask on both the face and neck for increased hydration. The soothing face mask from Anubis is intended for all skin types. Especially those with a high level of sensitivity. And which, inevitably, require extra care and protection. The mask is rich in vitamin C, due to the apple extract. Also having regenerating properties thanks to the inhalant content and the thistle extract. The soothing face mask from Anubis deeply cleanses the skin. Balances the pH and removes impurities without irritating or causing allergic reactions. The product has anti-inflammatory emollient. And calming properties in terms of green tea extract, and leaves no residue.

And The Hands Need Extra Care!

Eye Cream

Even if the gloves act as a real shield against frost. They are not enough to prevent the hands from drying out. That is why you must “pamper” them periodically with a moisturizer with repairing properties. Cosmetic products hand silk cream from Anubis prevents and treats dry skin being recommended for all skin types. It contains glycerin a softening and moisturizing emollient. And retinal known for its antioxidant properties. Hand Cream Silk Cream is easy to apply and penetrates quickly into the skin. Due to its light texture also having a pleasant smell that will conquer you.

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