Our Privacy Policy

Vividshop.pk is ensured customer(s) or client’s privacy protection. When any customer(s) place an order or shopping on vividshop, you the customer(s) automatically agree with our privacy policy, Returns Or Exchange Policy and Orders Shipping Process. So our every customer(s) should be aware of this privacy policy that which information we collected and where it can be used.

Which Information We Collected

  1. Name (First and Last )
  2. Email ID,
  3. Phone number (Mobile or landline)
  4. Postal address (Home or office)
  5. Postal code or zip code
  6. Other contact information

We vividshop.pk know that your collected information details are confidential and we ensure you that your information is secured in our database. Vividshop will not sell or trade this information to third parties.

Your this information (email ID, phone number) maybe we use for inside marketing purposes.

We again assure you that we will not share your information with anyone to the outside of vividshop.

Customer’s Orders:

Vividshop.pk has the rights

  1. Cancel or edit any order at any time without the customer’s permission
  2. Such product(s) or item(s) which are different in color and style may vary and it will be delivered on stock availability.
  3. These kinds of products are delivered by the manufacturer in an assortment of colors and / or random models. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the shipment of a color and/ or random models in particular. By ordering this item you will receive one of the colors / models shown in the image, depending on the stock available.