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Toys for Boys

Everything You Need To Know About Children’s Toys

Choosing baby toys, child’s play? Not necessarily… Because more than just fun, toys must also ensure maximum safety for your kid, while stimulating his awakening, his imagination and his motor skills. Focus on children’s toys.

Barbie dolls for girls, toy cars, miniature kitchens, video games, board games, early learning games… If there is no shortage of children’s toys, it is not always easy to find the ideal game for Loulou. To please your little one, it must above all be attractive and fun. But not only. Because if toys are primarily intended to entertain children, they also have an important role to play in the education of children. And this, by encouraging their awakening, by making their imagination work and by developing their motor skills. From birth to adolescence, the toys will evolve with your child and will accompany him in turn in the different stages of his (young) life.

Ensuring Maximum Safety in Toys

The first question to ask yourself before you start buying a toy is: is your child’s safety ensured with this game? To find out, study the components of the toy closely and check that it does not contain substances harmful to your little ones, such as phthalates or bisphenol A. Likewise, make sure that the toy for boys covets are age-appropriate and poses no risk of swallowing (small parts) or choking for your child. Finally, if it is a musical toy, remember to check that the sounds coming out of the toy are not too loud for your little one. Beyond 80-90 dB, there are real risks of damaging your child’s hearing.

Prefer Quality To Quantity of Toys

If your child tends to lose his mind in the toy store aisles, don’t give in to his every whim. In addition to risking turning your little one into a spoiled child or child king, you will be doing him a disservice by multiplying your toy purchases. On the contrary. Faced with many toys, your little one risks becoming dispersed and never really enjoying all their games. The toy then no longer fulfils its role: that of encouraging the baby’s awakening and development.

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