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Hair is the most valuable asset of any woman. It’s not for nothing that it is also called hair!.  An impeccable hairstyle will always take you out of anonymity. And will always give you elegance. Femininity and prestige perfecting your look. But a flawless hairstyle cannot be obtained without a healthy neat and full of vitality hair.


In the cold season our hair tends to become dull, electrify, often tangled and very difficult to style. Not to mention the tips that split after using styling devices (hair dryer, plate, curler, etc). Fortunately there is now a miracle Dr. Rashel Hair Products that helps us get rid of all these problems!.


Try The Hair Cosmetics Product!

Dr Rashel Hair ProductsDr. Rashel Cosmetics fulfilled our wish and launched a styling product. That makes as many as 10! It’s about the spray or oil really a miracle for our hair!.


Hair oil is a unique product being the first oil in the form of a spray. Which restores to our hair adornment the much coveted brilliance and vitality!. This treatment also brings 10 benefits to our hair!.


The Benefits of Hair Oil Products

The Dr Rashel Cosmetics brand acts as a revitalizing mask fulfilling 10 essential functions. That help to restore shiny and healthy hair. Here are these:


Repairs damaged hair: The mask spray from Cosmetics protects. The hair against the negative effects caused by salt water. Chlorine in swimming pools or the aggressive treatments it is subjected to (sudden discoloration, use of ammonia-based paints, etc.)


Soothes the rebellious appearance of hair: You no longer have to worry about strands. That don’t seem to want to help you get a sophisticated hairstyle.


When we use – the plate the curler or the hairdryer at the maximum temperature. Inevitably our hair burns and acquires a “mature” appearance. Dr Rashel Oil offers protection against the heat generated by all these styling devices.


Women with long hair- have to spend minutes in front of the mirror. When they want to straighten their hair with a plate, take each strand in turn. The new product from Cosmetics prepared. Your hair for the plate makes it easier to style.


– Gives shine to dull hair

– Contributes to the maintenance of dyed hair, ensuring an intense shade for a long time;


Hair becomes easy to comb! In the cold season, hair is quite difficult to handle especially after washing. A small amount of hair oil ensures silky and fine hair.


Goodbye split ends! Women with long hair and not only are forced to cut their hair almost a few centimetres a month. Due to the split ends which are downright unsightly. This spray gets rid of the problem of split strands.


Hair is arranged much easier thanks to this product!. You no longer have to spend exorbitant amounts at the salon to get a flawless hairstyle.


How do you use it? Apply a suitable amount of oil in the palms or directly on the hair. Distribute it evenly over the entire length of the hair, insisting on the tips. Doctor Rashel Oil products do not thicken the hair. So it does not require rinsing. After use you will notice how your hair becomes easier to style no longer gets the same burnt appearance. When you straighten or curl it with a plate or curler and instantly gets a neat look.

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