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Dr Rashel started his brand about two decades ago as a skincare product. His product quality is awesome means premium quality. Most people used this brand happily. It has a huge line of skincare and beauty products.

Everybody wants to care for his skin and use different products according to affordability. So Dr. Rashel uses natural ingredients to manufacture his products. Therefore this brand’s price is also very reasonable in Pakistan.

Face and Eye Serum for Health & Skin Care

As we know almost all things improve day by day but human skin does not improve day by day. It goes down in the shape of wrinkles, dark spots as well as the dullness of skin. So most of the women worried about their skin. To resolve skin problems women use skin serum.

Serums are easy to use because its absorbances like oil or water. And you can spread it on the skin like water. Skin and eye serum basically not a moisturizer as compare to creams or lotions say Dr. Rashel. Serums are very good for skin care and eye care

Use of Skin Serum Normally

Almost all serums use or applied on the skin after cleaning. But we recommend such serums which have vitamin C, E and some other useful ingredients like Aloe Vera etc. Vitamin C is especially used to remove dark spots and Vitamin E smooths the skin.

Affordable Cosmetic Products Brand

Many cosmetic products brands are available in the market but Dr Rashel has become popular among people. Because it’s a cost-effective price!!!. Huge line of cosmetic products such as Whitening cream series, Vitamin C series, Serums, Aloe Vera Creams and much more.


  1. Dr Rashel Cost Effective and Premium Quality Brand

Its all products are competing in the market with other high-valued brands. This brand gets its very good worth in the market. All skin care products are very affordable and easy to use for women.

Cosmetics or skin care products quality is equal to highly valued brands. So without any hesitation women can buy and use it for their beauty.

Special Products for Ladies Private Parts Creams

Dr Rashel offers private parts creams, especially for women. Everybody loves their body and wants his/her body to become white and looks beautiful to partners.

So this brand has different kinds of products. Such as breast enlargement creams, vaginal whitening creams, hip up creams and more.

Vitamin C Products

VividShop.pk has the full range of vitamin C cosmetic products for more skin care for ladies. Dr. Rashel specially produced and more research on these products for more efficiency.

Because the skin is very sensitive. Vitamin C products will more smooth your skin after applying this product.

Lipsticks and Eye Makeup Cosmetics Products

The lips and eyes are more attractive parts of the human body. So every woman and girl wants her Eyes and Lips to become more beautiful. So use Dr. Rashel lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and more.

Your face will be more attractive and beautiful. All products are at the best price in the market as well as online just visit VividShop.pk for online cosmetics shopping.


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